At Brehon Family Services we have many wonderful success stories to share. We aim to help at-risk families become healthier and more self-sufficient.

*Disclaimer: Names may have been changed for privacy reasons.

At the age of 12, Kelly started using and abusing drugs. By 20, she was using both heroin and crack cocaine. For six years she couldn’t stop – she was in the grips of a disease she felt powerless to escape. When Kelly was 26, she overdosed eight times and was arrested seven times all in the span of one week. After leaving jail she was homeless and shortly after that, she became pregnant.

A friend told Kelly about Brehon House, where the staff helped her set goals and achieve them. She continued her drug counseling and made preparations for her upcoming birth. Thanks to donations from Brehon supporters, Kelly received what she needed for her newborn and herself. She took classes and met with her case manager weekly. Kelly finished her six months of drug counseling and graduated from the drug court program a week before her due date.