At Brehon Family Services we have many wonderful success stories to share. We aim to help at-risk families become healthier and more self-sufficient.

*Disclaimer: Names may have been changed for privacy reasons.

A 19-year-old mother of two, Darla* was facing a third unplanned pregnancy. Deeply depressed, she felt suicide was her only way out. Then she turned to Healthy Families Gadsden for services. In time, she developed a lasting, trusting and saving relationship with her family support worker. Darla received counseling for her depression and soon found hope for life.

Spirit renewed, Darla and her family support worker established goals to replenish the self-esteem and self-sufficiency that she had temporarily displaced. Darla enrolled in a GED program and obtained her driver’s license. She now has a vision and a plan for the future for herself and her children and is actively working towards those goals.