Family Support Worker Supervisor

Family Support Worker Supervisor

Full time position in Tallahassee supervising direct service staff who provide in-home family support and education services to at-risk families. Required: Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience working with diverse families in the social services field. Master’s degree is preferred. Need solid experience in supervising, motivating staff and self, and providing staff support. Knowledge of infant and child development and concepts of child abuse and neglect; experience with family services and ability to relate to diverse populations.

Must be a self-starter, be organized and have excellent writing skills. Must have reliable transportation and proof of valid Florida driver’s license and pass FDLE background screening. $38,000/year + benefits. ADA/EEO.

Email resume to or fax resume to 850 656-7127 or mail to PO Box 7643, Tallahassee FL 32314. Open until filled.

I. Minimum Qualifications

  • Solid Understanding And Experience In Supervising And Motivating Staff And Providing Support In Stressful Environments
  • Knowledge Of Infant And Child Development And Parent-Child Attachment, Experience With Family Services That Embrace The Concepts OF Family-Centered And Strength-Based Service Provision
  • Knowledge Of Maternal-Infant Health And Concepts Of Child Abuse And Neglect
  • Experience In Providing Services To Culturally Diverse Communities And Families
  • Experience In Home Visitation With A Strong Background In Prevention Services To The 0-3 Age Population
  • Bachelor’s Degree And Three Years Of Experience Working With Diverse Families, Master’s Degree Is Preferred

II. Essential Functions Of Family Support Worker Supervisor Position

A. Consistent Supervision- Full-time Family Support Workers receive a minimum of 1½ hours of individual supervision each week (2 hours is best practice) from the Family Support Worker Supervisor. Less than full-time FSWs receive a minimum of one hour of supervision each week.

B. Skill Development- Supervisors should promote skill development through shadowing, feedback on documentation, integration of results of tools used (i.e., developmental screens), integration of quality assurance results, guidance provided on use of curriculum, guidance provided on techniques and approaches, identification of areas of growth, identification of potential boundary issues and sharing of information related to community resources.

C. Professional Support- Support will be provided through staff meetings, on-call availability to service providers, exploration of impact of the work on the worker, acknowledgement of burnout issues, clinical supervision, acknowledgement of performance, provision of tools for performing job, creating a nurturing environment, providing opportunities for respite and scheduling flexibility.

D. Quality of Work- Supervisors helps to ensure a high standard of quality of work by direct service staff through procedures such as regular and routine review of cases and home visitor records, and regular monitoring of all types of documentation in the program.

E. Quality Assurance- Assists The Program Manager To Complete Program Related Reports And To Complete Quality Assurance Procedures to ensure program outcomes are met.

F. Cooperates And Support Brehon Team

1. Communication And Teamwork With Peers

2. Support And Cooperation With Supervisors

G. Supports Mission Of Brehon

1. Complies With All Existing Policies And Procedures

2. Makes Efforts Above And Beyond To Further Reach Of Agency

III. Physical Requirements Of Position

A. Must Be Able To Drive Vehicle

B. Must Be Able To Take Written Notes

C. Must Be Able To Effectively Communicate With Peers, Supervisor, Clients, And The Public

D. Must Be Able To Effectively Work At Intense Level For Exhaustive Period, As Much As Sixty To Seventy Hours Per Workweek if necessary