Board of Directors and Advisory Council

2022-2023 Board of Directors


Arden Fernandez, President
Lamanda Thomas, Vice President
Eileen Schilling, Treasurer
Katherine Kamiya, Secretary

Board Members:

Marilu Allwelt
Bloscile Williams
Hannah Monroe

Ashley Leland

Nia Durden

Eva F. Love


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves a governing and advisory capacity in the planning, implementation, and assessment of Brehon’s programs. The Council meets quarterly and reviews all aspects of service delivery. These meetings produce recommendations for addressing any areas of challenge, ensuring achievement of state program outcomes and adherence to the national program model.

Kyra Adams
Jim Bailey
Wendi Blanton
Bobby Smith
Tanya Footman
Chris Szorcsik
Ludy Willis
Debra Saenz
Susan Taylor
Tabitha Washington
Colleen Williams, L.C.S.W.