Since its inception in 1978, the organization has changed the lives of thousands of families in the Big Bend area. Brehon Family Services has welcomed more than 500 homeless, pregnant women and children to Brehon House. Here they can complete their education, receive job training, and learn to care for themselves and their children. Project S.A.F.E. (Support and Family Education) launched in Madison and Taylor counties in 1987, serving more than 70 families yearly. In 1999 Brehon began offering the Healthy Families Gadsden program that serves over 80 families annually. In 1992, Brehon House was established in Leon county and serves more than 25 homeless, pregnant women, and infants per year. In 2001 Brehon began offering the Healthy Families Leon program that serves over 100 families each year. All of Brehon’s services are voluntary and are provided at no cost to the families.

Brehon Family Services is a 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to improving the lives of children throughout the Florida Panhandle. Presently, four counties are being served: Leon, Gadsden, Madison and Taylor.

Our Mission: Brehon’s mission is to improve the lives of children and their families by providing services that promote healthy babies and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Our Vision: That all of Florida’s children are born healthy and safe, and their families are strong, stable and self-sufficient.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to ensuring children have a healthy beginning and that their parents have the resources they need.

Our Values: Brehon Family Services is made up of an incredible team of heart-centered, compassionate social workers known for providing top quality family centered programs that serve and strengthen at-risk family units. The resources and support we provide help knit together long term habits to assist families to thrive in areas of communication, conflict resolution, and social skills.

  • Strength: We believe in providing the building blocks families need to add to and build on their existing value systems and skills sets for developing healthier family units long term.  
  • Education: We’re passionate about providing resources to help educate families on how to have healthier, safer and successful family units.
  • Strategic: We personalize our case management approach to help each client reach their goals.
  • Individuality: Each client has their own story that is unique to them. Staff members are highly qualified and uniquely talented to assist families with their specific needs.
  • Passion: We’re passionate about helping families learn and prosper.  It is most gratifying when families move from merely surviving to thriving!
  • Compassion: We care deeply about each family we serve and base our approach on each family’s’ goals — their dreams are our dreams and their successes become our successes.